Online Analysis

Making Sure You Have a Positive ROI.

Ascendia Media captures and reports traffic and conversion data in real-time reporting on a variety of metrics, including: unique visitors, revenue, breakdown by skus and traffic source.

Ascendia Media has become a leaders in creative design, search engine marketing, and e-commerce, but the most important and valuable service that we offer is our sales and marketing analysis. Over the past few years we have developed a completely proprietary system that allows our clients to see in real-time how well their internet campaign is performing. Our web-based system is completely integrated with the Pay-Per-Click programs we utilize, so we can accurately report to a client how profitable a given website is for any length of time. Other metrics such as average revenue per order, demographic / geographic customer profiles, and more are also available. Understanding these metrics and how they affect our client's’ internet campaigns allows Ascendia Media to drive sales with the necessary knowledge to make important marketing decisions.