About Us

We Want to Make a Difference

Our goal is to promote sales and create a positive ROI. We drive exponential growth for our clients. By tracking how savvy consumers watch and respond, we convert consumers into customers. Developing data-driven, results-oriented, thoroughly researched media strategies is our specialty. After all, we have some of the smartest people in direct response marketing on our team.

Our media pros know how to negotiate aggressively. Really aggressively. We leverage our market knowledge, and long-term relationships to relentlessly pursue the lowest rates and best deals for our clients. Whether we’re working for our biggest client or our smallest, we apply the same tough negotiation skills.

We prioritize our clients’ needs. Even if we don’t have an answer yet, we’ll acknowledge receiving your question, comment or concern so you’ll know that we’re on top of things. With Ascendia Media, you always know that we’re working for you.