Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Quickest Way to Test Your Market.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC management is a very important part to a successful Internet campaign. A PPC account lets a person bid on a specific term in one of the major search engines so their listing appears in the Sponsored section at the top. Each time a visitor clicks on a Sponsored PPC listing, the owner is charged a small fee. While anyone can setup an account with a PPC services, Ascendia Media enables you to effectively track the profitability of your spending. We have perfected this complex task after many years of experience, creating improved analysis for our clients.

Our account managers watch our client's’ campaigns at the keyword level to ensure that each keyword is maximizing its profitability. We manage our accounts manually rather than relying on an automated software program to bid for us. As a result, we gain insight into our competitors bidding strategies and exploit them to the advantage of our clients.